Regardless of whether you own or manage a commercial establishment, industrial property, or a residential building, you probably had to face some liability whenever someone experiences an injury after falling on a slippery floor. An essential aspect of being the owner or manager of a property is to ensure such injuries from occurring. This is because compensation claims for each injury could cost anywhere between $2,500 to $50,000, and as many would concur, becoming a significant expense when calculating returns. However, many establishments can avoid incurring such costs by acquiring Slip and Fall Prevention Services many companies provide. These companies can sometimes label themselves as Slip and Fall Prevention Services, Floor Safety Consulting Services, etc.

Their primary role is to assess the likelihood of an injury taking place inside the property and to recommend measures that can be taken to lower that likelihood. These measures can be based on observations of the cleanliness, material, foot traffic, and moisture of the floor, to name a few factors. Other than recommending measures to combat workplace injuries caused by slippery floors, Slip and Fall Prevention Services also offer various packages that provide clients with a complete solution that includes testing for contributing factors. So that the implementation and solution to address the probability of a fall can be brought down.

How Do Floor Safety Consulting Services Help in Floor Safety?

Many companies that offer Floor Safety Consulting Services will assess a number of factors that would affect the probability for a slip injury from occurring. For example, if the floor of an office is mopped daily at noon while daily meetings also begin approximately within the same hour, then the likelihood of a slip injury occurring between that time would be high due to the wet floor and increased foot traffic. And only after they have identified a similar cause, will they report their findings.

However, there is a professional method of measuring and Testing Floor Safety Using the BOT 3000E, which is a scientific tool. It is the only Tribometer device that can conduct an ANSI A326.3 test. This is the only legally admissible test for measuring the “Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Hard Surface Flooring Materials”. Another reason for Testing Floor Safety Using the BOT 3000E is its effectiveness in a court of law when accounting for the Daubert Principle.

Following the test, if there are any inefficiencies found in the floor being evaluated, Slip and Fall Prevention Services will make sure to recommend only the most effective solutions for your particular problem. One of our signature solutions is the application of an industrial level chemical that is registered under a patent owned by Interlake Chemicals. This chemical solution is capable of increasing the frictional coefficient by 200% as can be seen in numerous offices that have been treated by our company. By using this solution, companies will be able to limit exposure to any liability of slip injuries that occur in the workplace. Finally, many establishments are weary of getting these services done by inexperienced service providers due to the possibility of unexpected color changes in the floor being treated. However, such worries become a thing of the past when you are reassured by the several certifications that our company holds. Currently, our company has achieved certificates from the WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council), WOS​B (Woman-owned Small Business), SBE (Small Business Enterprise), DBE (Disadvantage Business Enterprise), and we have also been awarded the title of WACH (Walkway Auditor Certificate Holder).

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