Sli​p and Fall Prevention Services



*Slips and falls are the leading cause of workman's compensation claims.

*Slip and falls are the second leading cause of accidental deaths. 

*More than 9 million people slip and fall every year in North America. (25,000 a day)

*The average cost to defend a slip and fall case is $50,000.

* National Floor Safety Institute

             Sli​p & Fall 

     Prev​ention Services

Our mission at Slip and Fall Prevention Services is to provide risk management solutions that reduce costs associated with slips and falls. We have the scientific tools to assess your exposure to this hazard as benchmarked against national standards. Once the benchmark process is completed informed management decisions can be implemented. In the event your floors do not meet the standards, solutions may include floor treatment options. On the other hand, if your floors meet the standards you will have documentation pertinent during insurance negotiations as well as refuting unsubstantiated claims.  

Let us help you minimize the risk of injuries and legal claims by treating your floors and bathtubs with Sure Step Anti-Slip and Fall treatments. 


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