Floor Safety Consulting Services

Interlake Chemicals has managed to create an innovative method of increasing the amount of friction produced between the soles of your shoes and the floor of an office building. They have achieved this by creating a patented chemical solution offered by Sure Step as a part of their Floor Safety Treatment. They also provide Floor Safety Auditing Services that include Floor Safety Testing followed by applying chemical solutions included in our Safety Management Services.

  • The chemical solution can treat any Slippery Floor that may be a potential hazard in the workplace. By creating an abrasive micro tread on the hard mineral surface of Slippery Floors, we provide your business with long-lasting Floor Safety Treatments that will further limit your exposure to Slip & Fall compensation claims.
  • Our Safety Management Services include Floor Safety Auditing and Inspection and Floor Safety Consulting Services, all of which will result in a higher coefficient of friction, making the Slippery Floor drastically more slip-resistant. Our establishment also offers Safety Floor Treatment services which are explained in more detail below.
  • Our Floor Safety Treatment is applied to and then removed from the target area, with particular attention to the prevention of any marks or residue. Our products will maintain the color quality of your flooring, the effectiveness of which is reviewed through the use of our Floor Safety Auditing Services.
  • Our Floor Safety Testing practices are per guidelines set by the ADA, OSHA, NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute), and the Dept. Of Labor. Furthermore, the chemical solutions we use in our Floor Safety Consulting Services are Eco-Friendly and come with a one-year warranty.
  • Clients can also choose to avail our Floor Safety Auditing and Inspection service on a bi-annual basis to regularly check on the status of a Slippery Floor within the office. Additionally, they can also employ our services to install Bathroom Floor Covering Non Slip to prevent injuries in their office bathrooms.

Prevent Slippery Bathtubs and Wet Floors From Causing Injuries In Your Home

Our services are not made just for office flooring. We provide several services that cater to Slippery Bathtubs & Wet Floors in residential settings. These Safety Management Services include the installation of Non-Slippery Tiles for home, Safety Bathtub Treatments, and the application of Bathroom Floor Covering Non Slip which will help prevent Slippery Bathtub Floors from causing accidents within the household as well. Using these services, you can rest assured of the safety of older family members when it comes to Slippery Bathtubs & Wet Floors while you are away. Our Non Slippery Tiles for Home will also allow your children to play within the house without having to be at risk of any injuries. If you’ve been particularly worried, you could even opt to get the Floor Safety Testing of your home done by our licensed professionals.