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Why Are Floor Safety Consulting Services Important – Slip And Fall Prevention
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The base of a company is its floors. If you are unable to maintain the floors of your workplace there is a huge possibility of having safety issues in the facility. Most of the injuries at workplaces, homes, and buildings are caused by slipping on the floors. The reason it is so common is because of the not-so-maintained floors or because of the unprofessional services given by flooring companies. These injuries are the reason many establishments go through lawsuits and have to pay the huge medical bills of their employees. Most of the well-known companies hire Slip and Fall Prevention companies to avoid these flooring issues. These companies can take care of the flooring issues but the obstacle that comes in between is their unqualified employees or their unjustified wage rate.

However, the primary goal of these companies is to prevent these injuries from happening and save the floors of the property from getting wrecked. There are multiple methods that they use in the process e.g. observing the cleanliness, material, foot traffic, and moisture of the floor. At some point, this formula comes to aid in decreasing the likelihood of injuries caused by slippery floors. Slip and Fall Prevention Services offers multiple packages for homes, buildings, and offices including the complete solution which can help you bring down the possibilities of these injuries on your floors.

To overcome these issues our company has a scientific tool; BOT 3000E it allows you to run floor safety auditing and inspection, this is the only Tribometer device that can conduct an ANSI A326.3 test. It can run the coefficient of friction test on the floor whether it’s wet or dry, it crawls on the floor to measure the condition of the floors and gives the result in the form of a receipt. Using BOT 3000E you can make it a lot easier in taking care of your floors. One of the biggest advantages of using BOT 3000E is its effectiveness in a court of law when accounting for the Daubert Principle.

Slip and Fall Prevention Services doesn’t only stand with these services one of our most effective solutions for this particular problem is the chemical treatment of the floor. This chemical of ours is registered with the Interlake chemicals. The results of this treatment can be seen in multiple workplaces that have collaborated with us. Most of the establishments become skeptical when it comes to taking services from Floor consultants because of their unprofessional employees. Our company has achieved multiple certificates from the WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council), WOS​B (Woman-owned Small Business), SBE (Small Business Enterprise), DBE (Disadvantage Business Enterprise), and was recently awarded the title of WACH (Walkway Auditor Certificate Holder).